Conference: Natural Hazards at the Irish Geographers Meeting

Dr Mary Bourke and Niamh Cullen recently attended the Conference of Irish Geographers meeting at the University of Queens in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The effects of recent extreme event in Ireland

The effects of recent extreme event in Ireland

Dr Bourke organised and chaired a session on Natural Hazards which have come into  focus as a result of recent extreme events. These events include include landslides, fluvial floods and coastal storms. The Natural Hazards session was the first official activity organised by Dr. Bourke following her formation of the new Natural Hazards Group at Trinity College Dublin.

There was a good range of papers presented at the Irish Geography meeting across sub-disciplines. Vigorous discussions about matching model data, instrumented records and the stratigraphic record have paved the way for new collaborations.

Below is a list of the papers that were presented.

  • Niamh Cullen Trinity College Dublin, Rock coast hazards: Towards a greater understanding of the rates, patterns and processes of rock breakdown on Ireland’s rocky coast.
  • Cescon A.L., Cooper J.A.G., Jackson D.W.T.,  Centre for Coastal and Marine Research, University of Ulster, Beach ridge plain record of extreme wave events for Anegada Island (British Virgin Islands)
  • Darren Clarke *Dr. Conor Murphy, ICARUS, Maynooth University   Community-led approaches to flood risk management: the role of social justice, social capacity and place attachment in influencing outcomes
  • Dr Tom Matthews,  Maynooth University/Liverpool John Moores University A cyclone climatology of the British-Irish Isles 1871-2012
  • Farrell, E.J.*, Morley, A., Lynch, K., Kandrot, S., and Finneran, B.  NUIG     The 2013-14 winter storms in Ireland.

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