Congratulations: Barringer Fund

Congratulations to Earth and Planetary Surface Process Ph.D. Candidate Ankit Verma who has been awarded funds to support his fieldwork at Meteor Crater in Arizona. The Barringer Crater Company has established a special fund to support field work by eligible students interested in the study of impact cratering processes. Ankit will use the funds to support his doctoral investigations into the role of impact events on subsequent rates and processes of rock breakdown.

Meteor Crater, Arizona

Meteor Crater, Arizona

The Barringer Family Fund for Meteorite Impact Research has been established as a memorial to recognize the contributions of Brandon, Moreau, Paul, and Richard Barringer to the field of meteoritics and the Barringer family’s strong interest and support over many years in research and student education. In addition to its memorial nature, the Fund also reflects the family’s long-standing commitment to responsible stewardship of The Barringer Meteorite Crater and the family’s steadfast resolve in maintaining the crater as a unique scientific research and education site.

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