Workshop: GIS for Geoscience

Earth and Planetary Surfaces Processes PhD candidates Ankit Verma and Niamh Cullen recently attended a GIS training module run by the Irish Geoscience Graduate Programme (IGGP) at National University of Ireland Maynooth (NUIM).

National University of Ireland, Maynooth

National University of Ireland, Maynooth

Each GIS module was one week long and both were delivered by  Dr. Gill Scott, Department of Geography, NUIM. The combined two week course brings students from basic GIS skills such as creating shape files, digitizing, geometry calculation, working with Raster data, accessing online GIS resources, Georeferencing, map layout printing, to advanced level GIS skills such as using ET Geowizard, ArcScene, projections and transformations, spatial join tool and converting ASCII to Raster. Ankit will apply these skills to his work on Earth and Mars. In addition to learning basic GIS skills, these courses are good way of meeting other geoscience graduates working in Ireland.

The Irish Geoscience Graduate Programme is an initiative by seven Irish Universities and the Geological Survey of Ireland to further Geoscience research excellence.  The programme’s visionary and unique objective has established a robust broad based training programme for postgraduate students, wherever they are registered for their fourth level degrees (primarily PhD) on the island of Ireland.  All courses are available free of charge to any students registered at an Irish or Northern Irish Academic Institutions, and to Irish-based academics.

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Posted by Ankit Verma, PhD candidate, Earth and Planetary Surface Processes Group, Department of Geography, Trinity College Dublin

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