Trinity Monday: Celebrating new Fellow Dr Mary Bourke


Trinity Week began today with the announcement of the Honorary Fellows, new Fellows and Scholars of the College. The ceremony is one of the oldest, most colourful and traditional at Trinity College. As with tradition, at 10 am today the announcement was made by the Provost, along with members of the Board of College, on the steps of the Public Theatre in Front Square (Figure 2).


In the Geography Department we were delighted to be amongst the crowd celebrating the event as Dr Mary Bourke, lecturer in Geography, received her fellowship.

Dr Bourke (Figure 1) is an Earth and Planetary Geomorphologist with expertise in extreme environments on Earth and Mars. She has published over 50 manuscripts on landscapes in Antarctica, Australia, Namibia, Mars and Ireland. She is the Chair of the International Association of Geomorphologist’s Working Group on Planetary Geomorphology; President of the Irish Geomorphology Group and serves on editorial advisory panels for the Journal of Aeolian Research, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms and the Journal of Earth Surface dynamics.

She received her B.A. and M.A. in Geography from University College Dublin. She undertook her Ph.D. at the Australian National University investigating catastrophic floods in the Central Australian deserts, for which she received the university prize for outstanding postgraduate research in Earth Sciences. In 1998 she moved to the Smithsonian Institution for a Post-Doctoral position studying Martian landscapes. She then took up an academic post in the School of Geography, University of Oxford followed by a Senior Scientist position at the Planetary Science Institute, Arizona where she worked with NASA for nine years until her return to Ireland in 2012. Since then, she has been an  active staff member in teaching, research and supervising undergraduates and postgraduates within the department of Geography at Trinity College (Figure 3).


Congratulations to Mary from everyone at Planetgeogblog!

Photos credit: Lauren McKeown

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