Check it out! An amazing perspective of Mars

I recently came across images and videos of martian landforms on Twitter by Sean Doran @TheSeaning that are truly amazing from a geomorphological perspective.


Image 1: This images of Ganges Chasma, Mars was generated by Sean Doring using HiRISE Image data Source:

The images give us a perspective view that permits geomorphologists to take in relative scale and see features in 3D. For field-based geomorphologists and geologists this is an invaluable contribution to our science. For example, on the above image we can observe a myriad of processes and their interaction. Wind abraded bedrock that is brightly lit displays multi-faceted surfaces at a range of scales. Grain flows of lower albedo sediments are dispersed around the massif, concentrated in elongate chutes. Dark debris cones flow to the surrounding area where similarly low albedo aeolian bedforms likely mobilise the sediment.

And speaking of sediment, below is an image of sedimentary layers deposited over millions of years ago and etched out by wind-transported sand.


Sedimentary Rocks in Meridiani Planum, Mars. Source

Sure there are artefacts in the DTM’s; sure there is vertical exaggeration. But wow. What a product for research and for teaching……and I have not even mentioned his fly-through videos…..

Go check it out. Sean’s images and videos are posted on his Flickr account.

Thanks Sean!

Mary B.

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