Irish Geomorphology Group Workshop

The Earth and Planetary Surface Processes Group recently attended the annual Irish Geomorphology group (IGGy) Meeting in Cork.


Research group: Ciara Fleming, Mary Bourke, Ankit Verman, Niamh Cullen, Ciaran Nash and Alex Scullion (Lauren Mc Keown not in photo)

The meeting was hosted by the Geography Department at University College Cork and was attended by academics from most institutions in Ireland and some from overseas. There was a great range of presentations by all and those from our group are listed below. We were able to catch up with group members from past and present. We are as usual indebted by sponsorship of our meetings by the Geological Survey of Ireland, the Geographical Society of Ireland, the Marine Institute and UCC.

A hallmark of our workshops is the postgraduate training which once again was a huge success.


Attendees at the 2016 Irish Geomorphology Workshop, Cork.

Presentations given by the earth and Planetary surface Processes Group.

  • Bourke, M.C., (2016). [KEYNOTE] Analogical research: Vignettes from a planetary geomorphologist’s perspective.
  • Bourke, M.C., Flood, R., Goffo, F., Migge, K., Cullen, N., Nash, C., Naylor, L., (2016). “They’re not all flat y’know”: Mapping Ireland’s coastal platforms.
  • Fleming, C., Turner, J.and Bourke, M.C. Floodplain development and channel change on the River Nore,
  • Mc Keown, L. , Bourke, M.C and McElwaine, J. (2016) A Laboratory Investigation of the Agency of Sublimating Carbon Dioxide Ice in Martian Feature Formation.
  • Nash, C.R., Bourke, M.C., (2016). Moisture and salinity dynamics in Irish coastal dunes.
  • Verma, A., Bourke, M.C., (2016). A photogrammetry based approach to generate sub-millimetre resolution Digital Elevation Models for investigating rock breakdown in the field.
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