Fully funded 4 yr Ph.D in Natural Flood Management available at TCD.

The Department of Geimagesography, Trinity College Dublin, is seeking a field-trained geomorphologist with solid hydrology background to undertake a project in Natural Flood Management.

NOTE: The deadline for receipt of 1st phase applicants is January 26th 2018

There have been several severe flood events in Ireland in recent years caused by extreme rainfall often combined with coastal storms. Climate model predictions show an increasing probability of similar and higher magnitude events in the future. Many European agencies are attempting to reduce flood risk through Natural Flood Management (NFM) approaches. However, Natural Flood Measures have not yet received adequately consideration in Ireland.

The fundamental idea behind NFM is to introduce more natural processes as a means of reducing flood risk. It is usually applied in conjunction with more traditional (engineering) measures. In some locations engineered approaches might not be viable or deemed cost-effective and natural flood management therefore provides an alternative.

Given the increasing risk to people, their property and to the economy, it is clear that additional flood defense approaches need to be considered.

This project will include:

  1. Evaluation of catchments where NFM can be usefully applied.
  2. Hydrologic and hydraulic modelling to assess specific NFM approaches and integrated designs.
  3. Develop demonstration measures for field deployment and evaluation.

The provost Scholarship Project Awards:

This new TCD Ph.D scholarship is intended to provide up to 24 hours/month in research support to the TCD Professor.

The award includes:

  • Fees for a Ph.D in Science: €7,013 (EU); €13,768 (non-EU)
  • Annual stipend: €16,000 for 4 years
  • Research Fund: €2,500 / year for 4 years (from Dr Bourke)

Total Value = €102,052 (EU); €129,072 (non-EU)


You are applying for a highly competitive 4 year fully funded scholarship.

You must have a full, clean driving license.

Phase 1:

Send preliminary applications to: Dr Bourke (bourkem4[at]tcd.ie . Please place ‘Provost PhD application’ in the subject line of the email.

Attach a single PDF Document that contains the following:

  • A cover letter: Your letter should clearly set out your suitability and motivation for this PhD with reference to your past relevant experience and achievements. PhD start date can be either March 1st 2018 or September 1st 2018. Please state your preferred start date in your cover letter.
  • A CV that includes your relevant experience, undergraduate results and postgraduate results (if applicable), and contact information for 2 academic referee.

Phase 2:

Successful Phase 1 candidates will proceed to Interview.

The successful candidate will then be invited to submit a full application to Trinity College Dublin.

Dr M Bourke

Department of Geography, School of Natural Sciences, Trinity College Dublin.


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