EGU, Vienna, Austria

As the general assembly of the European Geosciences Union for 2019 approaches. We thought we would post the experiences of an EPSP Alumni (Ciaran Nash) on his experience at the 2017 meeting.

The General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) was held in Vienna, Austria between 23rd and 28th April. I had the opportunity to attend EGU 2017 with several members of the EPSP Group, and to present a poster documenting the results of my Master’s dissertation. EGU is Europe’s premier geosciences conference and attracts over 14,000 scientists from around the world. A whole host of events is organised for each EGU General Assembly, including traditional presentations, posters, debates, and short courses.

The Austria Centre, Vienna – home to EGU 2017

I participated in one of these short courses on the use of Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) of Difference, part of a short course in geomorphometry. This course, hosted by Dr Tobias Heckmann explored the use of DEMs of difference to determine source and sinks for erosion and sediment transport. This approach to landscape analysis will prove highly useful in recognising landslides from aerial imagery.

Throughout the week, I also attended a range of presentation sessions on a variety of themes. These ranged from past environments in drylands, to photogrammetry in geomorphology, and my own session on coastal and beach morpho-dynamics. This latter session, sponsored by the British Society for Geomorphology, drew together coastal research from around Europe and included a fantastic talk by Dr. Eugene Farrell from NUI Galway on community engagement and coastal erosion in County Kerry, Ireland.

EGU 2017 was a fantastic opportunity to meet other Early Career Researchers and PhD students from all over Europe. The feedback and advice from these researchers was highly valuable and has helped with guiding my future research.

I have to say a huge thank you to the Marine Institute and EPA Ireland for funding both the research project and the Networking and Travel Award which made presenting at EGU 2017 possible.

Enjoying a nice cold beer in the sun with fellow EPSP group members Niamh Cullen and Ciara Fleming

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