Congratulations: Marine Institute Travel Award

Congratulations to our resident Research Assistant, Ciaran Nash, who was awarded a Marine Institute of Ireland Researcher Travel Award to present at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly  in Vienna, Austria. Ciaran will be presenting a poster entitled, “Looking inside out: tracing internal moisture and salinity changes in dunes on the west coast of Ireland“, that reflects the research he conducted for his Masters in Environmental Sciences.



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Check it out: Planetary Cakes

I’ve always wanted to try to bake one of these but never knew where to start.


This site has video that helps you build scientifically accurate representations of the subsurface on Jupiter and Earth (from the outer atmosphere down through the crust, mantle, and inner core.


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Congratulations: International Association of Sedimentologists Travel Award.

Congratulations to Earth and Planetary Surface processes group member Lauren Mc Keown who was awarded an International Association of Sedimentologists Travel Award to attend the Martian Gullies and their Earth Analogues meeting at the Geological Society in London. She presented a poster entitled An Experimental Investigation of the Interaction Between Subliming Carbon Dioxide and Porous Substrate.


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My first international conference: Presenting at The British Society for Geomorphology

Post contributed by Niamh Cullen

Last September I attended the British Society for Geomorphology (BSG) Annual Meeting in Plymouth University. It was my first opportunity to present my PhD research at an international conference and also a great opportunity to catch up with people I met at the BSG Windsor Workshop in my first year as a PhD student (has it been 3 years already?).

plymouth_barbicanFigure 1. The beautiful Barbican harbour area in Plymouth.                                                Photo credit: Continue reading

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Winner of EGU photo competition

Congratulations to Ciaran Nash who won the European Geoscience Union’s photo competition for Earth Science Week.


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Irish Geomorphology Group Workshop

The Earth and Planetary Surface Processes Group recently attended the annual Irish Geomorphology group (IGGy) Meeting in Cork.


Research group: Ciara Fleming, Mary Bourke, Ankit Verman, Niamh Cullen, Ciaran Nash and Alex Scullion (Lauren Mc Keown not in photo)

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Congratulations: EGU Postgraduate Travel Award.

Congratulations to Earth and Planetary Surface Processes Group member Lauren Mc Keown who was awarded a European Geosciences Union Postgraduate Travel Award to present her first international conference talk entitled An Investigation of the Potential Role of Carbon Dioxide Sublimation in Linear Gully Pit Formation on Mars at the 6th International Conference on Mars Polar Science and Exploration in Reykjavik, Iceland.


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