Workshop Schedule


Mary Bourke, Department of Geography, Trinity College, Dublin

Welcome and Introduction to paleofloods


Daniel Schillereff, Kings College London.

Trialing methods to extract quantitative palaeoflood data from British lake sediments


Jacky Croke, School of Geography Planning and Environmental Management, University of Queensland, Australia.
Australian megafloods:


Rory Flood: Department of Geography, Trinity College, Dublin

Compositional data analysis approaches for flood reconstruction: an example from the West Bengal Sundarbans, India.

LUNCH: 12.30-1.30pm

1.30 pm

Francis Ludlow and Al Matthews.

What Can the Irish Annals and Irish Oaks Tell Us about Flooding and Drought in Medieval Ireland?

2.00 pm

Scott St George, Department of Geography Environment and Society, University of Minnesota:

Trees as flood sensors.


Conor Murphy: Maynooth University Department of Geography,

Furthering understanding of Irish hydro-climatology from the archives.

3.00 pm

John Turner & Ciara Flemming, Department of Geography, University College, Dublin.


3:30 Discussion and planning the paleoflood future.