Niamh Cullen

 Project: Rates, patterns and processes of rock breakdown on the coast of Ireland

Niamh Cullen

Niamh Cullen


I am from Dublin, Ireland where I completed my degree in Earth Science at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) in 2013. I completed my M.Sc. in Environmental Science in 2014 and I am currently pursuing a PhD at TCD. My previous research has included analysis and comparison of buffering capacity in estuarine and near shore waters on the west coast of Ireland, and the effects of climate change on slope stability.

My current research interests lie in the area of natural hazards and climate change, and in particular slope stability in coastal environments.

I am presently the post graduate representative for the Geography Society at TCD.


2008-2009       Laboratory Techniques (St. Kevins College, Dublin)

2009-2013       Ba(Mod) Earth Science (TCD)

2013-2014       M.Sc. Environmental Science (TCD)

Work Experience

2009-2012      Part time research assistant with Bontanical Environmental Consultancy (BEC’s), Dublin.

2012  Base Co-ordinator with the Marine Turtle Conservation Project, Northern Cyprus.

2013  Part time research assistant with the Earth and Planetary Surface Processes Group.

2013  Part time research assistant on board the R.V. Celtic  Voyager.

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